My Greatest Fear (And How I’m Overcoming It)

A friend of mine recently asked me what I feared the most. Sharks. Definitely. And walking through spider webs. (Seriously, I’m getting a little sweaty just typing this.) I had to actually spend a few days thinking about it before I could give him a real answer. I came to realize that what I fear the most is coming up short … [Read More...]


An Unexpected Journey

The only thing more difficult than starting is starting over.  The last several months have been the most challenging that I have ever been through. The thing … [Read More...]


10 Horrible Marriage Tips

There's a lot of great marriage advice out there. The internet is full of quick tips and in depth marriage advice. But what if you want a bad marriage? What if you … [Read More...]

The Good Old Days

I often hear people talk about the “good old days”. A time when life was simpler, people were kinder, and they were … [Read More...]